Connect 12 nails to the apple and eat to replenish iron: expert in the idea of ' madness '

Iron Supplement by 12 nails close to apples

Recently, on social networks share each additional experience of iron supplements for every home. By plugging 12 iron rods into the apple, after the interval from 8-12 the apple tonic eats out. If eaten daily will not worry about iron deficiency.

According to a Facebook account titled T. T the iron deficiency is often dropped into vegetarians; Salty people who eat alcohol, tobacco, using food with chemicals... The upper group is often encountered with erythrocyte deficiency syndrome due to iron deficiency and vitamin B12.

To proactively replenish the Facebook T. T shared iron Way as follows: "Preparation of about 8-12 iron nails is large and small, (type 3 to 4 feces is medium); A fresh apple.

After that, rinse the nail, remove the nail types are so much rust. Unscrew the pot up to sterilize, then pierce the Apple.

Leave from 8-12 hours in a ventilated place. Then cut apples to eat, remember, do not cut off the apples that are black, because…

4 Exercises for relaxing eyes


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Workout 1: The pleasing hand therapy

This exercise helps you to improve the agility and the benefits of your eyes.

Put the thumb away from the nose about 15cm. While your eyes focus on the finger, take a deep breath and breathe slowly. Then you focus your eyes on an object far more than 3m and also take a deep breath and breathe out slowly. It is recommended that you repeat each operation approximately 15 times.

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Workout 3: Eye-Reversing therapy

Exercise 4: Water use therapy

' Boss ' ' the ' Saigon ' in Quang Thai died after the ear: how long have the elderly infected with life?

Recently, son of Bui Quang Thai-Anh Bui Quang Ngoc Distressed reported his father died at 21h30 ′ on 17/6, aged 83.

Bui Quang Thai in the Saigon animated film

Referring to Bui Quang Thai, people remember most of the public figure in the popular movie Saigon. The role of Chung has helped to help the artistic career of the male artist step to the new site, although that time he turned to the age of 45.

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It is known that the artist Quang Thai unfortunately met the accident 3 years ago. Despite timely treatment but due to the age of high, the health situation is a weaker in 1 month back here, until the situation is not possible.

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Cerebrovascular accident in the elderly is such as the "Windswept Candle". This is a high fatal disease. If the good luck is also a lot of risk to suffer very heavy complications by the problem of age and health is not good.

How long are the elderly people suffering from cerebrovascular accidents live?

How l…

Don't want to spoil your kidneys away from these poisonous items

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Red meat

Eating foods with protein from animals such as red meat is very easy to cause kidney damage. The fact shows: if excessive intake of proteins will cause kidney problems, or it is possible that kidney disease becomes more severe. As protein metabolism will limit the process of excretion of residues, this causes no small effect on the kidneys. The process of exchanging proteins from animal flesh left significant amounts of acid in the body.


Sugar filled with fructose, excessive consumption of sugar promotes the formation of uric acid, which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. These diseases directly affect the kidney function as well as the health of the cardiovascular system.

Carbonated soft drinks

If you are gradually forming the habit of consuming at least two cans of soft drink per day, you will be at risk for proteinuria (protein content in excessive urine). In this case, the excretion of proteins in the urine increases, that is, the ki…

10 months old almost dies of diarrhea, parents need to pay attention to this sign in children

At 18h on 1/4, the family brought baby N.P.A. T (10 months old, located in Ninh Kieu, can Tho), to a hospital on the emergency site in the state of apricots, severe dehydration, zero vascular, zero blood pressure, purple body, weak breathing, tachycardia over 200 times/minute. Through examination, babies are diagnosed with decreased volume/bacterial diarrhea.

According to information from the family, the baby begins to vomit, fever and diarrhea constantly from the previous day and is treated to local doctor, but the condition does not improve. As soon as they are hospitalized, paediatric patients are carried out by Dr. Kip-Nursing emergency. After more than two hours of emergency, the pediatric disease slowly awake, vascular, stable blood pressure, pink, rose purple, heart rate remaining 110 times/minute. Babies are further treated for the infusion of the solution of electrostatic water, adjust the alkali, intravenous antibiotic and start feeding with the mouth immediately afterwards. …

10-year-old boy with kidney failure, doctor warns 3 extreme foods

Renal failure is a disease that causes partial or complete loss of kidney function. When it comes to this disease, many people will think of elderly patients. In fact, just to maintain a good living habit, kidney disease will appear at any time.

Ms. Bao, 36 years old in China never thought about it before, so the disease fell to her family. It is known that Ms. Ly divorced her husband and now lives with her only son, 10 years old. In order for your son to have a better life, Ms. Ly worked hard. But this indirectly caused the tragedy for the little boy.

In recent months, the sub-coated has the phenomenon of anorexia, urinating, and spirit of prolapse. But lately, Ms. The new know thanks to the phone from school. The teacher said that the subfainting was in the class and was brought to the hospital.

Urine coated sudden fainting must be hospitalized

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When she came to the hospital, she was informed by the Doctor of a gynecologist with acute renal failure, which need…

Doctors haul 15cm parasites in the boys brain, warn of bad habits when eating

Recently the doctor promised Tuan Binh and colleagues in China has carried out a many obsessive surgery when taking out 2 parasites in the brain of the boy 13 years old, having children up to 15cm. Known, the boy previously liked to swim in ponds , food is also often the fish caught in ponds that out. This has given the opportunity for parasites to live into the infiltration and parasitical parasites in the brain.

Headache, convulsions for a month, unbelievably there are parasites in the brain

The 13-year-old boy was the young man living in Anhui province, China. Starting from more than 1 month ago, Xiaochou has an unclear phenomenon of headache, a weak extremities, accompanied by convulsions in the right mouth, the tip of the tongue and the right fingertips are numbed, each time convulsions from 3-4 minutes. Due to these repeated reactions many times, the condition is increasingly severe, at this time the new parent takes the son to the hospital for inspection.

Both CT and MRI (Magnetic…