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New strategies for treating chronic renal failure

The seminar aims to bring up the updated information and new solutions in the treatment and prevention of chronic renal failure in the present period.

Chronic renal failure is the renal syndrome that loses function gradually and increasingly weighs over time. A prolonged, smoldering renal failure is divided into 5 phases: Phase 1: Kidney damage, normal glomerular filtration level (GFR) or slight increase in,... By Stage 5 is the heaviest (GFR < 15ml/min), at this stage, to sustain life, the patient must be dialysis or kidney transplant.

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Chronic renal failure has an increasing proportion of people. In Vietnam, currently about 6 million people with chronic renal failure (6.73% of population)-This alarm information is given at the conference "Artificial and quality kidney in dialysis" took place in 2009 in HCMC. Ho Chi Minh City.

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Symptoms of renal failure may appear only when the kidney function…