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3 Group of foods anaerobic vitamin C

Vitamin C encounters metal ions that are particularly oxidized to copper ions. Pig liver is rich in copper content, in the liver 100g contains about 2, 6mg copper. Therefore, when vitamin C and pig liver together eat 1 time will cause vitamin C to lose its biological function. Similarly, you should not eat beef or goat's liver when taking Vitamin C.


Vitamin C is acidic and easily oxidized. In milk containing vitamin B2, if at the same time drink milk and vitamin C then vitamin C will be oxidized by vitamin B2 and vitamin B2 will not be absorbed into the body. Like these 2 vitamins will lose effect.

Types of shellfish, seafood

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In the fisheries it contains many arsenic deposits but it does exist in the form that does not harm the body. But if you eat these kinds of aquatic products that contain high levels of arsenic while taking Vitamin C, it will cause arsenic in aqua…