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Launch the campaign "You can actively kill bacteria"

In particular, the campaign will consist of extensive propaganda activities in the mass media and interaction activities to each Vietnamese household with the participation of Bactericidal experts, Action Team A2 with actor Thanh van (snail)- The brand ambassador of the antiseptic spray solution on the hard surface Green Cross A2.

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According to statistics from the planning Office of the hospital, Tu du show, in the New Year 2011 the hospital received close to 50,000 students and forecast the year, the number of people to birth will increase by 30% compared to the new crown year. Accompanying these students is a non-trivial number of maternity, home and people to visit the hospital regularly. Therefore, helping people understand the harmful effects of poor or insufficient hygiene will implicit the risk of infection from bacteria is essential. In addition, with families who are maternity, have infants or children, actively learn and prevention of bacteria in ev…