Launch the campaign "You can actively kill bacteria"

In particular, the campaign will consist of extensive propaganda activities in the mass media and interaction activities to each Vietnamese household with the participation of Bactericidal experts, Action Team A2 with actor Thanh van (snail)- The brand ambassador of the antiseptic spray solution on the hard surface Green Cross A2.

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According to statistics from the planning Office of the hospital, Tu du show, in the New Year 2011 the hospital received close to 50,000 students and forecast the year, the number of people to birth will increase by 30% compared to the new crown year. Accompanying these students is a non-trivial number of maternity, home and people to visit the hospital regularly. Therefore, helping people understand the harmful effects of poor or insufficient hygiene will implicit the risk of infection from bacteria is essential. In addition, with families who are maternity, have infants or children, actively learn and prevention of bacteria in everyday life to protect health from common illnesses is essential.

Proactive prevention of pathogenic bacteria by disinfecting antiseptic solutions on hard surfaces such as dining table, kitchen pedestal, door handles are a useful habit to eliminate harmful bacteria on the surfaces that the hand is normally exposed to. According to research by American scientists, the number of bacteria in the toilets is 400 times lower than bacteria exist on the phone, computer keyboards, computer mice, computer monitors. The cause leads to high bacterial density on the surface of the items mainly because most people only pay attention to wipe dust rather than perform hygienic procedures with bactericidal solutions, although it is easy to perform.

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Also according to this study, some viruses cause flu, diarrhea, food poisoning that can live on a hard surface of 24 hours, this is the interval of just enough for bacteria to come into contact with the human body and cause the disease when there are conditions Appropriate. From 2011 to now, hand-to-mouth disease has become one of the major fears of the medical industry in the prevention and infection of the community. In which the infectious cause is mainly caused by lack of quarantine consciousness, as well as the hygiene of objects or surfaces in which the child is often exposed is still limited, resulting in widespread infection and increasingly complex variations.

Talk about this campaign, Mr. Nguyen Duc Vinh, deputy director of the Department of Maternal and Children's health, the Ministry of Health emphasized "in the real conditions of current living environment, the situation of weather transfer and the complex hand-foot disease requires Improving the perception and behavior of Vietnamese people for the health care of family members, especially mothers and children. Besides technical professional interventions, the medical industry encourages people to keep their hand wash habits before eating, eating cooked, drinking boiling; Maintain regular home cleaning, join healthcare personnel in preventing foot-and-mouth diseases, summer diseases, or common bacterial infections using cleaning solutions containing alcohol or bactericidal substances on As a dining table, door handles, toilets, especially items, baby toys, areas that baby or play, exposure... "

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Participate directly in the deployment of campaigns at Tu du Hospital, PGS. Ts. Bs. NGO Minh Xuan-head of the neonatal department to share: "The children's immune system, especially the infant is many times weaker than the adult. Especially with young children This is the stage of comprehensive physical development. Therefore, the cleaning work with alcoholic antibacterial solutions on objects or hard surfaces that are often exposed to children is mandatory. This will help children to prevent some important respiratory and digestive pathologies, minimizing the risk of bacterial infections. We hope through this campaign that mothers understand the importance of cleaning hard surfaces, contaminated contact surfaces, timely limiting the risk of spreading children and protecting people around them.


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