Cold Medicine Treatment

According to Oriental Medicine, the cause of the disease is due to poison gas outside the infiltration of the body and pathogenic. These poisonous gases are welded (cold) and low (humid) gases. Patients living in humid areas, or in contact with water, cold climates, or barefoot walking, lying or sleeping under long ground on welding and low gases entering the skin of meat, veins that are pathologist. In the rainy season or the cold season, the disease often develops worse (low weld). Diseases causing swelling pain in the fingers, legs, heels; Calf to the knee, painful joints.

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This disease if only pain in the hands, the leg is not very heavy. If pain is felt in the abdomen, dry skin, spattering, constipation is the disease entered into the organ (liver), which has been severe. If felt chest pain is painful, shortness of breath, vomiting, heart beating, or suspense, panic is the disease entered the organ (heart), Oriental Medicine called the pulse rate, very difficult to cure.

The cure is the low minus for the active neurotransmitter weld. Introducing some very effective male medicinal articles, readers may apply:

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Lesson 1: Branched branches, Perilla shoots 10g, 2 dried onions, 20g restoration spirit, 15g bone pain cord, Italy life 20g, the Millennium event 10g, forest Shell 15g, tangerine Peel 10g, scratch weed 10g, shame tree roots 10g, millet blood over 15g. Drink 2 days/ladder, Sharp again 2-3 times/ladder.

Lesson 2: Transparency 8g, cinnamon chi 8g, ma huang 8g, onion (dry) 2g, 12g wire, millet, parched 12g, fresh ginger 5g, Easter spirit 15g, Room 12g, five pieces of packaging 12g, Millennium event 8g, ceiling 8g, outline 8g, orange ground 10g, or the lump 10g. Drink 2 days/ladder, 1 thang drink 2-3 times.

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Lesson 3: Fresh ginger 3 slices, blood millet-up 8g, the 8 g, Nam Hoang Ba. 10g, Bing Lang (areca nuts) 6g, the room of 6g, the uterus (perilla) 8g, grass roots 10g, Italy , Millennium 8g, Saturn 20g. Drink 2 days 1 ladder, drink 3-5 ladder.

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Combine foot soak each night with warm water with salt or ginger.


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