A panic with the parasitic white in a woman's feet

Before the operation, no diagnosis is found in the tumor of the patient with a character, especially as a parasite.

The patient said that she is the capital of salad prepared from fresh fish and regularly eats this type of food. About 6 months ago, in the thigh appears a small tumor, swelling redness, inflammation. The family took Mrs. Diem to Lam Dong General Hospital and did not detect the disease. Doctors determined that this was a common tumor that recommended her to be home.

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Recently, the tumor in her thigh was swollen, so the family put her to join Lam Dong General Hospital. The doctor decides to cesarean section. Incidentally, during surgery, the discovery between the tumor of a patient with a white tapeworm is a strong spur. The son has a length of about 4cm, a big head, a body.


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