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Sitting near the window will double the alertness

According to this study, sunlight exposure helps us to regulate sleep, induce excitement, and even increase productivity. Therefore, sitting near the window on a sunny day can help you double the focus compared to sitting in the middle of the light, according to scientists.

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For those with a sleep problem, a 30-minute walk under the early morning sun may be the solution. The reason is because it helps regulate the body's biological clock and ensures a good night's sleep.

This effect is especially more pronounced in people with early dementia. Studies on the show exposed more to the sun when starting a new day helps improve sleep problems and help the spirit more excited.

The neuroscientist Russell Foster, University of Oxford, he said this study has shown the connection between sunshine with the release of serotonin-happy hormone. This explains why most people like to stay outdoors.

According to him, a sunny day is equivalent to 100,000 …