Transform sex, get up early because... Toy smuggled

From Búpcalf Lovely Girl to animal shrug, cars controlled by Chinese origin all contain phthalates. So what is this dangerous chemical? How is the harm? Why is it in the toy...?

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The toxic content exceeds 200 times!

Most recently, the Southern Goods Quality Management department has announced the results of testing of the center of standard-measurement-quality 3 (Quatest 3) on the toy model of the MH9996M-do-China battery controller, which is being sold in VN-with a content exceeding the regulation of phthalates allowed up to 200 times. In particular, the test results on the toy wheels are at 206.700 mg/kg, whereas in some countries in Europe, the US, the maximum content is specified only at 1,000 mg/kg.

In VN, plastic toy products from China are being trending and coverage throughout the country. It is worth saying, not only in small retail stores, many types of Chinese toys are quickly labeled in VN to deceive consumers.

In particular, at a supermarket system with a display of 12 sub-borders specify the Origin VN is produced in Tan Binh District, but when opened, the 12 armor without cats but instead... Rabbit. These products are colourful, odourless when opening plastic covers outside. Although they were warned, but at the point of selling toys on Mrs. Thanh Quan District, Revolution 8 months, Le Van Sy..., this item is displayed at a price of 130,000-160,000 dong/son Duong, Goat...

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Chemicals that cause gender transformation, early puberty...

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According to PGS-TS Nguyen Huu Duc-lecturer at University of Medicine-Pharmacy HCMC-the other derivatives of phthalates are often used as plasticizers for plastic containers such as bottles, cans, bags, covers, packages, breast holders, bottles, in plastic baby toys Plastic... During the use of the above products, the derivatives of phthalates are separated and according to the gastrointestinal tract into the human body. Children taking milk tanks, plastic bowls, plastic toys containing high levels of phthalates will be at risk for this substance. The harm of the conductivity phthalates is to disturb the endocrine and the girl infected with phthalates will get up early before age. There have been many research works on this matter and some studies have been conducted in Taiwan.


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