5 Causes of cold limbs

Insufficient nutrition

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Not good stomach, certain chronic disease or digestive diseases such as enterocolitis, chronic dysentery, heart disease, cancer is caused by unfine nutrition. People lose fat by all prices make serious nutritional deficiency, internal state weight loss... The consequence is fear of cold, accompanied by dizziness, heart beat contact, tired loss of strength etc.

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Measures to improve: enhance the iron food source, containing more vitamin B12 such as milk supplements of iron, animal blood, liver, eggs, lean meats, greens and both green fruits.

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Measures to improve: increased mobility, exercise of body, people with low blood pressure. Physically weak, do not like mobility, low exchange should strengthen the appropriate motor movement, practice of blood circulation. Accelerated blood flow makes the blood warm to the skin thereby improving symptoms of cold fear.

Physical weakness

Oriental Medicine said that the body is a uniform of the opposing yang, the ocean of warm, proactive, easy to sink; The negative is the opposite. If physically weak, easy to make Yin yang insufficient, body symptoms do not warm is afraid of cold.

Measure of improvement: soak the feet with warm water cooked with leaves. The water temperature is about 45 degrees, when touching there is no feeling of burns. Water should come to the ankle, when cooking water should also add to the food salt will have a very useful effect for kidneys.

Note keeping warm especially attention keeps the portion of the foot and the lower leg.

Warm-keeping objects such as warm water bags or annealing furnaces can be used.

Lack of trace elements

Trace elements such as copper, zinc, iron, selenium are indispensable substances in the body, especially iron, to create erythrocytes required iron, if iron deficiency can interfere with the formation of erythrocytes , it will appear anemia. At that time platelet cells will increase much and form multiple abnormal cells. People with iron deficiency anemia are common in people with long-term blood loss, such as hemorrhoids, stomach hemorrhage, nosebleeds, hemoptysis, menopause or due to hookworm infection, gutters etc.

Measures to improve: the types of elements the body needs can be supplemented from plants. Due to the elemental type and quantity of the food is not completely identical so in daily cuisine, it is necessary to combine the balanced nutrition, should not only eat a favorite food, so the new basic meets full element VI Body weight.

Excessive menstrual intake

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Physiological problems (excessive menstrual intake, vaginal translation, pregnancy, childbirth) or pathologies associated with menstruation, gynecology, Postplasia... All in relation to blood should be prone to injury blood loss, easy to lead to blood damage, make the blood can not promote the warming effect, from which cause cold, legs and hands evenly at the end of the body, so it is easy to make cold limbs.

Normal women every time of menstruation is about 50-80ml, the cycle is 28-30 days/times, the number of days of menstruation is about 4-7 days. If the day is too long for menstruation or excessive menstrual volume in 1 cycle, it can cause anemia.

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Measures to improve: treat as soon as you find the cause and use iron-rich foods.


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