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Tips for curing bruxism effectively

Therefore, understanding the nature, expression, cause and treatment are the necessary knowledge for those who are suffering from this disease.

Causes of Bruxism

Dentist Matthew Messina-spokesman for the American Dental Association – said: "For some reason, our teeth may not fit into the wrong body or teeth where the muscles are pinched. Therefore, the body will try to remove these "tough" teeth by grinding to corrode them. Gradually, the giant body will win because we have the power to crush our teeth.

The cause of the disease may be due to the daytime you have signs of stress, so the night the body will have a muscle contraction reaction by gnashing the tooth to release the compression. However, it's just a common cause. Many other reasons such as sleep posture, accident impact force on the chin or chew hard to deflect the teeth can also lead to this "noisy" disease. Because there are so many such complex causes, you should consult a specialist doctor to fi…