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About the young "crazy" of the perilous lenses ignored

Turn a eyelid into two eyelids at a glance

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I wear the contact lenses of young men for over tens of years. After a period of sediment, this year, this fad "flare" back. FAD glasses for contact lenses imported from abroad. Beginning with singers, actors such as the USA, the United Kingdom, Japan, and South Korea use the lenses during films, festivals, makeup or city walks, and then spread into Vietnamese showbiz and the "warm" youth. Contact lenses are also contact lenses, but the eyelid has more surrounding borders to make the eye look bigger, glitter, and more impressive. The black eye color is replaced by blue, yellow, or red or pattern like stars, smiley faces, letters, balls or beasts... Sparkling.

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Color contact lenses "suck soul" young men because it is very effective for eye makeup. Thanh Nga (Grade 12 HIGH schools in Quang Trung, Hanoi) ha…

7 Stress-free illness

1. Muscle soreness

When you are suffering from stress, your muscles also become more tense. This is a reflex action of muscles that react to stress. Prolonged stress can lead to migraine headaches and headaches, muscle aches. Even if long-term stress also makes you suffer from chronic pain, it also causes skeletal muscle disorders, muscle atrophy and muscle tension when you suffer from excessive stress.

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2. Asthma

Stress will affect your respiratory system, for the duration of stress, the body's natural response is that breathing feels more difficult. For those with emphysema or lung disease, stress leads to respiratory problems such as hen as, asthma attacks and asthma becomes more severe. When air passes through the nose and lungs are spasms make it difficult to breathe easily lead to panic attacks.

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3. Heart disease

As stress is high, the stress hormone is adrenaline, cortisol and noradrenaline that produce fast in the body. The result of…