About the young "crazy" of the perilous lenses ignored

Turn a eyelid into two eyelids at a glance

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I wear the contact lenses of young men for over tens of years. After a period of sediment, this year, this fad "flare" back. FAD glasses for contact lenses imported from abroad. Beginning with singers, actors such as the USA, the United Kingdom, Japan, and South Korea use the lenses during films, festivals, makeup or city walks, and then spread into Vietnamese showbiz and the "warm" youth. Contact lenses are also contact lenses, but the eyelid has more surrounding borders to make the eye look bigger, glitter, and more impressive. The black eye color is replaced by blue, yellow, or red or pattern like stars, smiley faces, letters, balls or beasts... Sparkling.

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Color contact lenses "suck soul" young men because it is very effective for eye makeup. Thanh Nga (Grade 12 HIGH schools in Quang Trung, Hanoi) has long been a big round eyes, a dream of Korean actors or Japanese animated characters. Save money for breakfast, buy books, Russian collection of stained glass contact with multiple shapes , color to represent a few tens of thousands of a pair. At school, Russia had a dreamy brown eye, the dark-eyed play turned blue. Go picnic, Russia again "the hood" to the red eye with sparks. From the eyes of a eyelid, after wearing a contact lens, drawing eyelid, immediately Russia has large, rounded eyes. Despite the everyday torture eyes with glasses, Russia is still proud of his eye fashion.

The same in the loop wearing the contact lenses is Nguyen Huyen (18 years old). The countryside in suburban Hanoi, the 12th grade, is going to sell rental clothing for a city store. Wages are sufficient for the suspension of clothing and the collection of contact lenses. From mystical black eyes to innocent brown, sea blue, the mysterious dressing is wearing the color of the eye for "the Dark Tribe". Confirming the "personality", The legend also collectibles the strange, bizarre glass. When worn, eyes like owl.

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The Red Devils appear

Eye-catching relaxation makes the bustling contact lenses on the net and fashionable glass stores. Just go to Google search, a series of store contact lenses ready to serve, diverse types. Genuine products or unknown sources of competition with attractive advertisements: "Contact lenses, teen's eyes will become so rounded identical to the beautiful Dolls", "buy a glass that is donated headphones"....

The price comes with the quality of "low gold", ranging from 40 thousand to 700 thousand/pair. Customers only need to click the color of glass, price, wait there when only tens of minutes later there will be people bringing the glasses to the place.

Glass shops, glasses and fashion on BA Trieu Street, Luong van Can, Tran than Tong, Trang Tien... Wanting "guest racket" out of the "mouse-click" Spiral has launched many promotional, shocking discounts. At these stores there are catalogs that introduce hundreds of lenses with brilliant colors and peculiar enemies such as yellow eyes, Red Devils, long-lasting eyes...

Ms. Thu Huong, the fashion glass store owner on Tran than Tong Street (near the hospital eye) shows: "The more toxic, the more expensive they are." Young men are racing to find the poison to assert their "feeding class". The yellow, demon-colored eyes must be pre-ordered, the price is also on demand, 400-700 thousand/pair. Ms. Huong adds: "The youth buy lenses are pretty breathable. They bought a few three pairs without having to try. They ignore the eye condition check before taking. I'm even more idle. "Money-giving porridge".


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