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Go on a cow's blanket, two sisters burned over 100 noses

Day 15/8, maternity hospital – Nhi Da Nang said to be actively treating for a sick child burning wasp more than 100 noses are em lam Thi Ny (SN 2001, Tu Ethnic minority, Hoa Bac commune, Hoa Vang district, Da Nang CITY).

It is known that about 16 hours on 14/8, two sisters Raw and Ny who go to cow's blankets and cut grass in the glue area of households on the mountains of the Republic of North, the nest is a wasp.

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The hive of "broken nests", hundreds of bees flew out after two sisters and Ny burned. The Ny burned over 100 noses, while the whole was burned over 40.

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Shortly after his discovery, the family sent two children to an emergency hospital. The health of the Ny children is very dangerous with multiple organ failure, kidney damage, muscle necrosis... The Doctor is conducting super dialysis for Ny.

Anh Lam Quang Bich (his father) said the…