Award for Genuine Ngoc Khang

The inclusion of unclear information on the issue of product recall Ngoc Khang Rubber Co., LTD Tan Dai Duong (CT Tan Dai Duong, no 46, 13C Street, Binh Tri Dong B Ward, Binh Tan District Ho. HCM) makes it very rare for consumers to misunderstood the quality of the genuine Ngoc Khang product from Thien Phu Pharmaceutical Joint stock company (Thien Phu Flower Company, No. 10 Nguyen Cuu Dam, Tan son Nhi Ward, Tan Phu District, HCM City. HCM) production.

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In fact, Ngoc Khang brand of Thien Phu Flower Company always actively cooperate with the authorities to stop the distribution of products with poor quality and violate intellectual property rights such as Ngoc Khang hugging pus. Up to now, Tan Dai Duong Company has been sanctioned by regulatory agencies.

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How did the new ocean clones the genuine product and sanctioned it?

In 3/2014, when detecting the genuine Ngoc Khang product with the name of Ngoc Khang latex of Tan Dai Duong company appeared in the market, Thien Phu Flower Company has complained to the Ministry of Science and Technology.

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May 5/2014, inspection of the Ministry of Science and Technology to conduct examination and decision-making (text No. 67/QD-XPVPHC) for Tan Dai Duong company because of unfair competition, manufacture of products that infringe the rights to mark Ngoc Khang has been protected. Tan Dai Duong Company was fined 20 million, forced to terminate production as well as withdrawal of all products violated.

However, Tan Dai Duong company still does not recall the infringing product, the brand of Ngoc Khang Rubber is a course on sale in markets as well as grocery stores.

May 8/2014, the Ministry of Science and Technology Inspector continues to sanction the new Ocean company for the second time on infringement of the rights to the genuine Ngoc Khang brand.

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The most recent sanctions of Tan Dai Duong Company in Jan 5/2015, according to the 9126/QLD – MP of the Drug Administration, the Ministry of Health on the suspension of circulation nationwide than 50 cosmetics by the production base does not implement the principle, the basic standard of good cosmetic production practice of the Association of Southeast Asian Countries (ASEAN).

The slander of genuine Ngoc Khang

Of the labels recovered from the violation of Tan Dai Duong Company has Ngoc Khang rubber products. This is an intentional product that violates intellectual property rights for Ngoc Khang products of Thien Phu Flower Company has been registered for protection. In the process of putting information, a post of some of the press agencies, inadvertently misleading consumers, and co-branded products with poor quality of Ngoc Khang products of Thien Phu Flowers.

At present, Hoa Thien Phu pharmaceutical company is very in need of the joint and understanding of the authorities as well as consumers to maintain the Vietnamese brand is seriously invested and recognized by the prestigious organizations of the state and millions of Vietnamese women used for years. We would like to affirm that the genuine Ngoc Khang products of Thien Phu Flower Company fully meet the quality standards of the Ministry of Health as well as good standards of production practice of general cosmetics of ASEAN countries.

The genuine Ngoc Khang product of Thien Phu Flower Company

Thien Phu Flower is pleased to announce to customers: The company has registered the protection for the brand "Ngoc Khang" as well as "jewel". Currently, Thien Phu Flower includes only three product lines: Ngoc Khang, Ngoc Khang and Ngoc Khang. All brands with a similar name are either inferior in quality or products that violate our intellectual property rights.

Ngoc Khang Genuine – easy to buy

When choosing to buy Ngoc Khang products of Thien Phu Flowers, customers simply scratch the silver coating printed on anti-counterfeit stamps and compose the message according to the security Code syntax sent to the 8077 call station to confirm the genuine goods. This is a modern digital stamp that does not have any counterfeit labels that can be made.

All information about the purchase address is genuine as well as questions when choosing products, customers can directly contact the 19006033, visit the information or ask questions online at the website


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