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Wearing chip clothing in the wrong way and the sister's illustrations must burden

Chip clothes not only help you comfortably that choosing, dressing the inappropriate chips will cause more risk for health than you think.

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1. Wearing too tight underwear can lead to yeast infection

The narrower the underwear, the more friction is created around your vagina. This can lead to ingrown hairs and even yeast infections caused by elevated temperature and humidity levels in this area. The humid environment in the vagina may be the place for the bacteria to continue to proliferate. So choose the kind of breathable and comfortable chip clothes to wear.

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2. Slit underwear can spread E. coli bacteria

We know that slit underwear usually attaches to your buttocks as you move, and this bacteria can cling to the fabric with ease. As you move, bacteria can move from the anus into your vagina quite easily. This causes irritation,, urinary infections and a variety of other problems.

But you should also not worry too. Please choose t…