Warning signs of fatty blood

According to experts, Hyperlipids is a condition that appears fat in the blood that is higher than normal. Fat is not a poison for the body. It is a nutrient necessary to sustain life, but if excess, it can cause dangerous pathologies.

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People with high blood fat do not have a pronounced disease symptoms. In obese people, overweight, the risk of blood fat is higher.

According to research by scientists, the cause of fatty blood infection is caused by genetics, family factors, non-medical diets, eating various animal proteins, saturated fats, multiple powdered sugars, eating less fruits and lazy mobility , most people are office.

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The initial manifestations of fatty blood disease are often difficult to detect. In young people are often silent, almost asymptomatic.

Leg pain, numbness

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Elevated blood Cholesterol causes blood vessels to be obstructed, the blood does not reach the foot that causes the leg to be frostbite.

Elevated blood Cholesterol causes blood vessels to clog, the blood does not get to the foot that causes the leg to be numbed, aching, swollen, and tired toe joints.


The higher the blood fat means that the triglyceride index is also "pulled", which interferes with blood circulation to the brain due to atherosclerotic plaques "transverse" blood vessels.

Brain deficiency of oxygen and blood is the cause of stroke, postmenopausal women, elderly people are the most prone subject to stroke due to elevated blood fat.

Cold Feet

Insufficient blood supply to the foot will cause the legs and feet to be cold. When a cold is present, it is necessary to see the doctor immediately to determine if the cause is high blood fat.

Chest Pain

Fat-infected blood often has occasional angina attacks, in short duration.

There are occasional angina pectoris, short-term, self-loss without treatment, but can be recurrent at any time, or with unpleasant sensations such as aggravated, strangulation, bloating, lasting from several minutes to several tens of minutes.

Some tips

-Patients with fat-infected blood should eat more vegetables and little fruits to increase fiber helps reduce the absorption of intestinal tract for cholesterol.

-Eat more fish to strengthen the Omega-3 fatty acids, have cardiovascular protection effect.

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-Exercise is always good for health. If lack of physical activity will increase bad lipoprotein, lower the good cholesterol.


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