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Perk eliminates sympathetic, solder style with day, squeeze the right place

Anh DAO National Medical salary (Nguyen doctor, Military Traditional Medicine Institute, Doctor of Oriental Medicine 138A Giang Vo, Ha Noi) said so. According to him, sympathetic, weld or when the weather changes, the body does not adapt, the gas (Feng, welding) will penetrate the body and cause disease.

All ages can be sympathetic, welding with manifestations are: cough, fear of the wind, fear of cold, headache, nasal congestion, nasal discharge, suppurative veins, mild fever, no sweat, headache, moistened people, moss-thin white tongue (inflammation of the upper respiratory tract also belongs to the heart).


There are a number of simple ways of curing colds, the following Oriental medicine:

1-Massage, Acupressure day

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Take the patient into a warm and sheltered place, massage the following reflexology:

Thai Pulse (on the inset of feet between the interstitial 1 – 2 of the foot measuring up 2 lecks – about 2 horizontal fingers-on the pubic s…