Perk eliminates sympathetic, solder style with day, squeeze the right place

Anh DAO National Medical salary (Nguyen doctor, Military Traditional Medicine Institute, Doctor of Oriental Medicine 138A Giang Vo, Ha Noi) said so. According to him, sympathetic, weld or when the weather changes, the body does not adapt, the gas (Feng, welding) will penetrate the body and cause disease.

All ages can be sympathetic, welding with manifestations are: cough, fear of the wind, fear of cold, headache, nasal congestion, nasal discharge, suppurative veins, mild fever, no sweat, headache, moistened people, moss-thin white tongue (inflammation of the upper respiratory tract also belongs to the heart).


There are a number of simple ways of curing colds, the following Oriental medicine:

1-Massage, Acupressure day

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Take the patient into a warm and sheltered place, massage the following reflexology:

Thai Pulse (on the inset of feet between the interstitial 1 – 2 of the foot measuring up 2 lecks – about 2 horizontal fingers-on the pubic side of the foot); The interior (on the front of the forearm from the wrist is measured at two steps, between the muscles); Tertiary reflexology (on the outside of the lower leg, under the bone of the 3-lobed kneecap, a 1-tithe bone Du (in the lumbar region from a two-lumbar lumbar vertebral ridge measures 1.5).

Day Press the supply points (in the heart of the hand at the junction between the middle of the finger between 3-4), the vent reflexology (on the side of the hand how the joint of the index finger of the finger and fingers between 1.5 feet).

Pulse reflexology (use in epigastric, Middle-and center). If the sore area around the navel click Add the program reflexology; Lower abdominal pain to press the field, marine gas.

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Each day press 30 seconds to 1 minute, moderate force to position the acupressure position.

5 slices of old ginger with hot water to drink. Or roasted rice, wrapped into towels to the upper navel.

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2. Sauna

Using mint leaves, business, perilla, lime leaves, grapefruit leaves, bamboo leaves, lemongrass, chrysanthemum each stuff a grip, washed, submerged in the drug about 2cm. Mouth of a banana leaf, or thick paper. Boil 1 – 3 minutes, the north is coming near the sick to prepare. The patient has a blanket cover, sitting open the lid out, grab the chopsticks puncture 1 paper hole (leaf) to silence the pot to heat and the essential oil radiate to face and body. Just a steam steamer, just breathing slowly, about 10 minutes. Cooking water from essential oils helps to destroy the respiratory tract, help the sweat, the relief.

It's a blanket, dry up, change clothes. Note avoid the wind.

Note: When the steam is in a sealed place, avoid the wind. Do not use for young children. The dish is eaten.


3. Induction Porridge

The roots are 20g, fresh ginger 10g, sticky rice 50g to cook porridge. Small onions, outrageous ginger, or crushed for the bowl. When the porridge is ripe, the boil comes when boiling into the bowl. Eat hot porridge, blanket bosses for sweating. Onion, and ginger to help make the ginger and the main gas.

Note: If sweating is not used, take this drug.

You're illustrating.

4. Sympathetic

Can be sympathetic by ginger wine-tangled, betel leaf, hot roasted rice bran, according to the procedure: rub the forehead to the two oceans down cheeks: 20-30 times. Rub down from the sides of the neck to the shoulder, back, waist and middle back: 20-30 times. Scrub down from the shoulder to the outer forearm of the hand: 20-30 times. Rub down from the back of the thigh, outside the thigh to the legs, feet: 20-30 times.

The inspiration is to lay out the blanket for sweating. This method is often combined with oral or sympathetic porridge ingestion.

Wind Beat:

If sympathetic by the egg white and silver bronze, then give the silver into the hot egg white wrapped in thin cloth (paws) along the spine from top to bottom, covering the face from the middle of the forehead to the cheeks , covering the limbs from the original limb to the limb.

It is possible to replace eggs, silver with white wine with hot star ginger.

When the body sweating should be avoided out of the wind, because the pores are enlarged if the wind is entered very unwell for the patient.

5. Take the following emotional medicine:

Lesson 1: Mint leaves, business leaves, perilla leaves, licorice, onion. Every things a handful grasp, add a slice of ginger. Take the boiling water, drink hot during the day.

Lesson 2: Perilla 10g, 6g, 10g, marbled, 5 slices, citrus, 6g, 3-slice fresh ginger, 10g mint. Excellent drink on 1 3 day elevator.

Use 1 in 2 ways, depending on patient status.

Article 3: White-lifts (acupuncture pills).

Shales, ceilings, licorice, the bear is used 12g, ginger 8g with 5g.

Onion, ginger to evacuate the weld. Extra flavor, ceiling for gas. Bowl to gas the asthma. Licorice to reconcile the drugs. If the headache more than the chronic, the white nerve. If bloating, nausea, or loose stool diarrhea add patchouli, regimens.

It should be used with an explanation porridge including white porridge, onions, perilla leaves, fresh ginger, egg yolks and a little black pepper-will help the body to be exhausted, restoring health very effectively.

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In the rainy season, we should be prepared in families the ingredients to cook porridge as above, which is useful in stopping, inspiring.


Always pocketed 2 themed room sensations, Korean style

Always leave in the bag 1 grilled ginger, or wind oil.

When there is a symptomatology along the spine, headache, fatigue, cold fear, loose stool, mild fever, or hypoglycemia, hand-puffiness, diaphoretic, vacuum standing... was feeling the weld.

1-Bake a pocket ginger, always carry with you. When feeling the symptoms of emotion, the weld is eaten gradually. Eating out half the grilled ginger is the flying of unpleasant symptoms of emotion, weld.

Home need to drink more fresh hot ginger juice. Or hit the air with fresh ginger with chopped, mixed with white wine, tangled hair, wrapped into sympathetic cloth.

2-pocket Golden Star box, Eucalyptus Oil... Get oiled, sympathetic.

External wind oil to fly the symptoms stunned, tired, fainting, vomiting... Of the emotion, the weld. Also very good to treat flu, headache, nose, tendon pain, muscle pain, hematoma, bruising, flatulence, slow pepper, dyspepsia, anti-cold respiratory...


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