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12 taboo When eating a lot of people don't know

Pork is nutrient rich food, processed into many familiar dishes in the family meal of the Vietnamese. However, using pork should avoid joint coordination with:

Gan give

According to Oriental Medicine, pork in common with goat's liver will lead to stagnation. The clinically dominant characteristic of stagnation is bloating, discomfort and pain, which can be mitigated when belching or distension.


Pork should not be eaten together or processed with beef. According to Oriental medicine, pork is welded, beef count, they do not match, limit each other's strengths and reduce the nutritional value of both 2.

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Pork and soybean should not be combined in the same dish. Research shows that soybeans contain about 60 to 80% phosphorus, which affects the quality of certain foods when processing the same, such as pork, fish...


The common pork with quail will form black-faced pigments.

Pork bone marrow

The pig-bone marrow that is used w…