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Drinking water help reduce amnesia

Lithium is always available in the water, in each different area, the concentration of lithium is also different. Researchers at the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) conducted trials on about 800,000 people, including 73,731 people with amnesia and 733,653 normal people.

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They try water machines in 151 different areas. The result, published in JAMA Psychiatry, shows that the highest-performing machine water (about 15 micrograms/Liter) reduces 17% of the risk of dementia.

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"As we know there have never been any research in this regard," the team said.

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Lithi is a substance used to treat bipolar disorder. It helps to change many biological processes in the brain. Experts find this new research quite interesting and can help figure out how to treat dementia in the future.

5 "The Elixir" from Europe treating anorexia for children

In Europe, the incidence of anorexia is lower than Asia and Africa. In part due to the better nutrition, at the same time Europeans knew to use 5 precious herbs to stimulate the delicious feeding of young children.

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Here are 5 medicinal herbs that help your child to eat delicious

Long ago, the seeds are widely known in Europe with the effect of making spices for dishes, stimulating digestion. Today studies indicate that the curry grass has a stimulating effect on Agouti-related peptide-AgRP neurons (AGRP neurons found in the hypothalamus of the brain, when stimulating AGRP neurons, such as appetite or desire to find food will be activated, feeling hungry) to help children feel like to eat, eat appetite.

2. Phấn hoa (Pollen)

Discovered in the early 1970 years, pollen contains many precious nutrients including 22 amino acids, 18 vitamins (B1, B2, B5, B6, C, D, E, H...), 11 types of natural yeast, 27 trace e…

Cough, eating colpitis must know how to do not harm the health

Getting a cough to eat beef?

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Pomegranate (Hanoi) share, your son is 4 years old, these weeks are hot and cold should suddenly be coughing. She gave the baby a whipped soak honey, the cough symptoms were relieved. But after I fostered the beef porridge, I saw you have a worse cough. Do you have to eat beef so you get a cough?

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Beef is rich in vitamins, minerals, which enhances immunity, restores health faster. Artwork.

According to PGS. TSBS Nguyen Tien Dung (the paediatrician, Bach Mai BV), if the child has a cough caused by sore throat, allergies, weather changes... It is necessary to cure the point, since it is very easy to evolve. Besides curing cough properly, the mother is more interested in diet, nutrition to strengthen the body's immunity, help the baby to prop up with the weather.

Doctors say that only normal cough is used for some folk remedies, and it needs effective new treatment. And in nutritious foods, beef is a food that co…