5 "The Elixir" from Europe treating anorexia for children

In Europe, the incidence of anorexia is lower than Asia and Africa. In part due to the better nutrition, at the same time Europeans knew to use 5 precious herbs to stimulate the delicious feeding of young children.

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Here are 5 medicinal herbs that help your child to eat delicious

Long ago, the seeds are widely known in Europe with the effect of making spices for dishes, stimulating digestion. Today studies indicate that the curry grass has a stimulating effect on Agouti-related peptide-AgRP neurons (AGRP neurons found in the hypothalamus of the brain, when stimulating AGRP neurons, such as appetite or desire to find food will be activated, feeling hungry) to help children feel like to eat, eat appetite.

2. Phấn hoa (Pollen)

Discovered in the early 1970 years, pollen contains many precious nutrients including 22 amino acids, 18 vitamins (B1, B2, B5, B6, C, D, E, H...), 11 types of natural yeast, 27 trace elements (Cu, Fe, Mg , zinc...) And many biological active substances are beneficial to human health. Pollen is an additional source of micronutrients essential to the child's body that helps to recover the fitness of the child after a long period of anorexia, natural stimulation helps children with anorexia. If the user is allergic to pollen, it can still be used as a standard pollen extract.

3. Tree of the Golden Dragon

Longing is a medicinal herb commonly cultivated in the Mediterranean region, being a perennial grass, short roots, pale yellow outer shell, bitter taste. Europeans usually use the tree of the camphor for young children before meals for about 30 minutes to increase the discharge. Because in the Long-being there is a very rare Gentiapicrin, according to a study in Japan in 1938, bitter-Gentiapicrin in the fruit extract helps to increase the secretion of fluids, enhance absorption and stabilize the digestive system.

4. Cây centaurs

In Europe, the Centaury plant is used as an herb that helps with kidney tonic, liver tonic, antipyretic. The distinctive bitter taste of the Centaury, which stimulates the secretion of digestion (saliva, translation of the taste, bile) helps to better eat, digestion and improves the absorption of nutrients.

5. Wheat germ

European countries often use wheat to cook porridge to provide micronutrients, while wheat is also an abundant source of vitamins B1, B9, B6 and B2... Help your child to recover from health, stimulate natural appetite.

What the experts say about the formula

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. TS.BS Nguyen Thi Lam, raw deputy director of the National Nutrition Institute of the formula includes: Seeds of curry grass, Centaury tops, Long-rooted yellowing, pollen, wheat germ effective and safe for children from 0 years. Special formula experts have 3 comprehensive effects on the child's anorexia mechanism: stimulate the tasty food center on the brain; Increased digestive secretion, enhanced absorption; Supplements are essential nutrients from herbal body recovery.

According to experts, with modern Italia technology has successfully prepared the formula into standardized syrup form, produced on the cGMP transmission line in Italy. The mother has young anorexia should use this kind of herbal syrup. A special thing of the formula is that the child still eats natural delights completely without being dependent on the recipe.

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For detailed advice on treating anorexia in young children, please contact us at 1800 8070 or hotline 0971 698 468.


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