Cough, eating colpitis must know how to do not harm the health

Getting a cough to eat beef?

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Pomegranate (Hanoi) share, your son is 4 years old, these weeks are hot and cold should suddenly be coughing. She gave the baby a whipped soak honey, the cough symptoms were relieved. But after I fostered the beef porridge, I saw you have a worse cough. Do you have to eat beef so you get a cough?

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Beef is rich in vitamins, minerals, which enhances immunity, restores health faster. Artwork.

According to PGS. TSBS Nguyen Tien Dung (the paediatrician, Bach Mai BV), if the child has a cough caused by sore throat, allergies, weather changes... It is necessary to cure the point, since it is very easy to evolve. Besides curing cough properly, the mother is more interested in diet, nutrition to strengthen the body's immunity, help the baby to prop up with the weather.

Doctors say that only normal cough is used for some folk remedies, and it needs effective new treatment. And in nutritious foods, beef is a food that contains many vitamins, minerals, enhances immunity, restores health faster...

There is no evidence to confirm that the child is not eaten by a cough. Therefore, it is not advisable to eat when eating, causing decreased child health will be more difficult to heal.

When children have a cough, they need to eat a lot of water, soft, easy to swallow, easy pepper like soup, porridge, milk... The dishes are rich in smoothies, zinc, iron, such as beef, pigs, green and red vegetables. Supplementing foods rich in vitamin C helps increase the likelihood of detoxification, eliminating the substances that cause cough reactions, increase the resistance to help the body repel the disease...

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Avoid coughing when eating:

-The food is easily allergenic like: fish, shrimp, crab...

-The dishes contain many hot spicy spices. Limit for baking, frying, stir-fry. Do not eat bacon, snacks with high salt content...

-Food for cold drinks.

-Vegetables with many mucus such as urticaria, spinach, taro, tuber from... As they pull sputum, stimulate the throat of birth cough.


Colitis should eat minced meat

People with Colpitis should always abstain Khem enough in the daily diet. It is an unpleasant disease, so the patient needs to coordinate with the doctor during treatment and eat daily so that the disease is not aggravated.

It is suggested that people with Colpitis should be cautious when eating red meats, including beef. Accordingly eating too much of the beef is not good for people with colitis, and there is a greater risk of having a higher colon cancer.

Scientists in the world who have found the haem in beef are the causes of damage to the intestinal mucosa. According to the young intellectual, many scientists of the Academy of Sciences have also said that excessive use of beef causes adverse health impacts and increases the risk of prostate and diabetic cancers.

Although beef damage to the intestinal mucosa can lead to bowel cancer, it contains a protein content that helps the body have more active energy.

Scientists advise patients with colitis and both ordinary people should eat only about 70g of beef per day. Note When eating meats should be used minced meat to make food for ease of digestion, reduce the burden on the colon.

In addition to eating green vegetables, patients with colitis need to eat high-protein foods, help provide energy, enhance the metabolism of substances in the body and support the digestive system to help with better appetite. Protein-rich foods such as lean meats, fish, eggs, soy milk and sugar-fed milk.


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Many people should not eat beef

Beef is rich in healthy nourishment, but not everyone can eat. People with the following disease should pay attention when taking beef:

-The limited women who eat beef (and even buffalo meat) because they can be filled with belly, heartburn, not good for the digestive system and health (eating too much buffalo meat during pregnancy can lead to gout).

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-Those with cardiovascular diseases, suffering from blood fat, women suffering from uterine fibroids, with arthritis, with kidney stone disease, high blood pressure, chickenpox need to abstain from beef.

-People with blood fatty disease should not eat more protein, but beef contains higher protein than other meat.

-Beef contains a large amount of saturated fat, which causes a lot of harm to health, especially those with high blood pressure.

-People with uterine fibroids should not eat beef because hormones including estrogen, can directly affect tumors.

-People with chickenpox should not eat beef.

-People with arthritis avoid eating beef, because the beef is rich in proteins into the body will produce a lot of acids – and this acid needs the calcium to neutrate. If the body does not replenish the necessary calcium, it will automatically withdraw calcium from the bones and seriously affects the health of the bone, causing osteoporosis besides the dangers of arthritis inherent.

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-People with kidney stones should limit beef, because the amount of protein rich in beef causes the intake of Oxalate in the urine increases, forming stones.

Choose to buy Beef:

-Buy fresh meat, pink red with no smell or long frozen meat.

-It is best to eat meat that is cooked to be unaffected by harmful parasites.


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