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9X beautiful psychiatric hospitalization because of job pressure, emotional malfunction

At the Faculty of Acute women, central psychiatric Hospital 1, Minh City (20 years old, in Bac Ninh) is one of the young patients. She is evil, pale, and inanimate.

. DR. Thanh Phuong, deputy Director of hospital, said Minh belongs to the group of patients with severe depression. A history of this 9X is a weak personality.

The beautiful and each has a steady job, a lot of boys pursue. When faced with difficulties at work, her feelings were malfunctioning and she did not withstand the pressure, more and more calmness. Then she began to quit eating, not talking to anybody. From a beautiful girl who is full of vitality, she becomes so skinny as an unclean piece.

Proving to be a serious depression patient. Photo: HQ.

PGS method for or daily coalition still cooperate with treatment but do not communicate and skip eating. Patients are being treated in the direction of taking depressive drugs. If the after 40 days status does not turn off, the patient will be changed to a new regimen.

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