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Going to the beach should be polar in this type of animal if you do not want dermatitis

Sea worms appear much in Vung Tau, the sea-going people need to be alert

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Recently, on social networks are transmitting information about sea centipedes or worms, sea rats are recorded dense appearance in Vung Tau. Accordingly, in just 1 month back here, tourists repeatedly recorded and shared the clips related to the dense occurrence of deep sea species on the sands in Vung Tau. It's a lot of people afraid to be in the sea. The video about the sea worms being shared by many people:

Sea worms often appear more in the breeding season. They have an outer appearance close to the centipedes and have a deep, muscular itching mechanism. When touching the sea worms, especially in thin, sensitive areas of the skin, humans can be blistering. For people who are prone to allergies, the condition can become worse, right into the treatment Institute.

Scientists call them sea worms or sea mice. They are more likely to differ with high levels of low toxins. When attacked b…