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Leading fatal culprition in VN: every 10 people die 8 deaths for this cause

Almost 1 half of the child's deaths are

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Non-infectious diseases are the leading cause of death in Vietnam, every 10 people die, nearly 8 people die due to non-infectious diseases.

By an estimated year 2016, Vietnam had 548,800 deaths from non-infectious diseases, which accounted for 77% of deaths. In it, 44% of deaths from non-infectious diseases are before the age of 70. The burden of illness caused by a very large non-infectious disease accounted for 70% of the burden of illness.

Diseases that are "overridden" on Vietnamese people headed by cardiovascular disease accounted for 31%, cancer accounts for 19%, chronic respiratory disease accounts for 6%, diabetes mellitus occupies 4%. In addition, due to injuries, nutritional illness of maternal children....

According to the study of non-infectious risk behaviors such as smoking, drinking beer, eating less vegetables and fruits, eating a lot of salt, lack of very high physical activity.

In the nation…