Leading fatal culprition in VN: every 10 people die 8 deaths for this cause

Almost 1 half of the child's deaths are

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Non-infectious diseases are the leading cause of death in Vietnam, every 10 people die, nearly 8 people die due to non-infectious diseases.

By an estimated year 2016, Vietnam had 548,800 deaths from non-infectious diseases, which accounted for 77% of deaths. In it, 44% of deaths from non-infectious diseases are before the age of 70. The burden of illness caused by a very large non-infectious disease accounted for 70% of the burden of illness.

Diseases that are "overridden" on Vietnamese people headed by cardiovascular disease accounted for 31%, cancer accounts for 19%, chronic respiratory disease accounts for 6%, diabetes mellitus occupies 4%. In addition, due to injuries, nutritional illness of maternal children....

According to the study of non-infectious risk behaviors such as smoking, drinking beer, eating less vegetables and fruits, eating a lot of salt, lack of very high physical activity.

In the national investigation of non-infectious risk factors and tobacco investigations in 2015 shows that the risk-causing behavior is headed by drinking beer.

The specific research results are as follows: 77.3% of people who investigate drinking beer; 63.1% of men, 51.4% of females eat less greens, fruits than recommended 400 grams of the day. A particularly important factor is the habit of eating savory. Vietnamese food to 9.4 mg of salt/day exceeds the recommended salt a day only 5mg.

Noncommunicable disease is increasing in young people, illustrated photos.

Not only do the lifestyle behaviors bring to the non-infectious disease that the situation of overweight obesity factors accounted for more than 15%, hypertension accounts for 23% (people 18 – 69 years)... Hyperglycemia, increased cholesterol also increased by 25% in men, 35% in females this is the favorable factor that causes the current cardiovascular diseases.

Some research is done by HO Chi Minh City Nutrition Center, HO Chi MINH City Oncology Hospital, which shows the painting of the causes and consequences of many diseases, the process of aging rapidly; Research in the Office people Working Group showed that the obesity rate was 29.8%. Only 4.8% of recommended physical activity, 49.4% of subjects do not exercise.

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The average amount of fiber is only 7, 9g while the recommendation should reach 20 g/day. Salty eating habits make up 61.3%. On average, each person consumes ± 1.2 instant noodles per week while the average amount of salt in each instant noodle pack is 4.3 grams, close to the equivalent of the need to recommend an adult's salt intake.

Room from hypertension

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According to Dr. Dr. Nguyen Thi Bach Yen – Vietnam National Heart Institute Hypertension (THA) is becoming the "silent Assassin" in the world. Increased blood pressure is the burden of the entire world.

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In 1975, the whole world had only 600 million people aged 18 with hypertension. By the year 2015, an estimated 1.13 billion people have increased blood pressure. Expected that in 2025 there will be about 1.56 billion people with hypertension worldwide. Increased blood pressure is mainly in slow and growing countries.

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In Vietnam, the incidence is increasing rapidly. According to statistics, in 1960, the rate of forgiveness in adults north of Vietnam is only 1% and more than 30 years later (1992) according to the nationwide investigation of the Cardiovascular Institute, this rate was 11.2%, increased to more than 11 times.

The results of the year 2008 investigation, the rate of hypertension in humans aged 25-64 was 25.1%. According to the national General investigation of the risk factors for non-infectious disease in Vietnam in 2015, 18.9% of adults aged 18-69 years of age suffer from hypertension, including 23.1% of males and 14.9% females.

In age 18-25, the incidence of hypertension increased from 15.3% in 2010 to 20.3% in 2015. So, every 5 adults 25-64 years old, 1 person with hypertension.

The burden of cardiovascular disease from hypertension.

According to the Aries program medical target population in 2016 – 2020 with gluing prevention of cardiovascular disease with the goal of controlling the increase in cardiovascular disease such as: hypertension, cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction in which active screening hypertension with The message "Remember blood pressure measurements as your age number."

To date, in Vietnam, there are about 12 million hypertension has not been detected. Vietnam is building a management model of hypertensive disease from the base line which is the commune medical station to the district, the province, the central route with each hypertension has no complications to complications.

According to Truong Dinh BAC In addition to good management of people who raise blood pressure, lifestyle changes, diets rich in antioxidants such as: carotenoids, Tocophenols and flavonoids are in dark fruits and vegetables; Do not smoke cigarettes; Limit sugar; Salts and trans are important factors that help prevent hypertension.


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