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Do mobile phones really cause 3 types of dangerous cancers?

Large-scale works worth US $30 million, lasting from 1999 to present, by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) implemented, just announced early Nov that they have clear evidence that radiation from cell phones can cause cardiac cancer , brain and adrenal glands!

Read more: Good health

Read more: Good health

Prior to that, in preliminary reports of the 2016 recovery year, they had evidence of the relevance between cancer and cell phones but not enough to assert directly. So far, new steps have allowed to affirm the controversial issue above.

NIH's research has started from 1999, researching the effects of electromagnetic radiation of mobile radio frequency on mice, rats and humans. For humans, scientists are unable to expose radiation levels that are too high, but mice suffer from higher radiation exposure in order to assess its cumulative impact early on.

To date, the group of Mice have clearly performed the most dangerous cancers that radiation from the cell phone, while the mice a…