Doctors haul 15cm parasites in the boys brain, warn of bad habits when eating

Recently the doctor promised Tuan Binh and colleagues in China has carried out a many obsessive surgery when taking out 2 parasites in the brain of the boy 13 years old, having children up to 15cm. Known, the boy previously liked to swim in ponds , food is also often the fish caught in ponds that out. This has given the opportunity for parasites to live into the infiltration and parasitical parasites in the brain.

Headache, convulsions for a month, unbelievably there are parasites in the brain

The 13-year-old boy was the young man living in Anhui province, China. Starting from more than 1 month ago, Xiaochou has an unclear phenomenon of headache, a weak extremities, accompanied by convulsions in the right mouth, the tip of the tongue and the right fingertips are numbed, each time convulsions from 3-4 minutes. Due to these repeated reactions many times, the condition is increasingly severe, at this time the new parent takes the son to the hospital for inspection.

Both CT and MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) The brain shows that the abnormalities in the intersection of the gray matter on the left of the forehead, the surrounding area are somewhat emphysema, but the disease is not detected correctly.

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The X-Ray's radiography results in an unusual condition in the brain

Dr. Xu Tuan Binh-head of the nervous department of the Children's Hospital of Nanjing City after looking at the results of Xiaochou said: "The word in the report can see small diseases in the brain division of the child, but around clearly suffering from edema. More than 10 years ago, we also diagnosed similar cases, based on experience, cynics of the boy infected with parasites. The results of parasite antibodies have confirmed that the boy actually infects parasites and requires urgent surgery ".

Sharing about his son's daily routine, father of Xiaochou said, he enjoyed swimming in the pond, more than 1 month ago, the boy and his friends also caught fish in the river to eat each while having fun until the appearance of disease symptoms such as On.

The doctor conducts brain surgery, has detected 2 white parasites, the longest of 15cm in the brain of boy 11 years old. But what causes the doctors to amaze, after the parasite bugs are out and put into the water basin, they are still alive.

Parasites are 15cm long and remain alive when out

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Over the past four hours of surgery, doctors promised to share: "I have never encountered a case, the insect taken is still alive. The operation takes place very smoothly, the lesion is completely removed, does not affect the functional area of the brain. At present, the signs of urinary exhaustion have stabilized. The next method is to conduct antiparasitic and epilepsy therapy. "

Preventing parasites: Not drinking raw water, not eating uncooked fish meat

There are many types of insects that exist in the water, once humans eat the food that contains parasites, they will penetrate the intestine, through blood vessels approaching the brain, and nesting which leads to headaches.

At this, the body appears symptoms such as: vomiting, convulsions and epilepsy, if the parasite in the functional area of the brain, can lead to paralyzing people. In addition, parasites can be in the eyes, lungs, subcutaneous and other parts, however, although in any position is not easily detected.

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The promised doctor also said that, for parasites, special precautions should be preferred. Therefore, parents should avoid drinking water, not swimming in the pond, not eating meats, undercooked fish or salad soaks,...


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