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10 months old almost dies of diarrhea, parents need to pay attention to this sign in children

At 18h on 1/4, the family brought baby N.P.A. T (10 months old, located in Ninh Kieu, can Tho), to a hospital on the emergency site in the state of apricots, severe dehydration, zero vascular, zero blood pressure, purple body, weak breathing, tachycardia over 200 times/minute. Through examination, babies are diagnosed with decreased volume/bacterial diarrhea.

According to information from the family, the baby begins to vomit, fever and diarrhea constantly from the previous day and is treated to local doctor, but the condition does not improve. As soon as they are hospitalized, paediatric patients are carried out by Dr. Kip-Nursing emergency. After more than two hours of emergency, the pediatric disease slowly awake, vascular, stable blood pressure, pink, rose purple, heart rate remaining 110 times/minute. Babies are further treated for the infusion of the solution of electrostatic water, adjust the alkali, intravenous antibiotic and start feeding with the mouth immediately afterwards. …

10-year-old boy with kidney failure, doctor warns 3 extreme foods

Renal failure is a disease that causes partial or complete loss of kidney function. When it comes to this disease, many people will think of elderly patients. In fact, just to maintain a good living habit, kidney disease will appear at any time.

Ms. Bao, 36 years old in China never thought about it before, so the disease fell to her family. It is known that Ms. Ly divorced her husband and now lives with her only son, 10 years old. In order for your son to have a better life, Ms. Ly worked hard. But this indirectly caused the tragedy for the little boy.

In recent months, the sub-coated has the phenomenon of anorexia, urinating, and spirit of prolapse. But lately, Ms. The new know thanks to the phone from school. The teacher said that the subfainting was in the class and was brought to the hospital.

Urine coated sudden fainting must be hospitalized

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When she came to the hospital, she was informed by the Doctor of a gynecologist with acute renal failure, which need…