10 months old almost dies of diarrhea, parents need to pay attention to this sign in children

At 18h on 1/4, the family brought baby N.P.A. T (10 months old, located in Ninh Kieu, can Tho), to a hospital on the emergency site in the state of apricots, severe dehydration, zero vascular, zero blood pressure, purple body, weak breathing, tachycardia over 200 times/minute. Through examination, babies are diagnosed with decreased volume/bacterial diarrhea.

According to information from the family, the baby begins to vomit, fever and diarrhea constantly from the previous day and is treated to local doctor, but the condition does not improve. As soon as they are hospitalized, paediatric patients are carried out by Dr. Kip-Nursing emergency. After more than two hours of emergency, the pediatric disease slowly awake, vascular, stable blood pressure, pink, rose purple, heart rate remaining 110 times/minute. Babies are further treated for the infusion of the solution of electrostatic water, adjust the alkali, intravenous antibiotic and start feeding with the mouth immediately afterwards. The current condition of pediatrics has been stable and has been for discharge.

The health of the baby is steady.

According to BS. CKI Pham Ngoc Eater-head of pediatrics of the hospital, diarrhea caused by many causes such as viruses, bacteria, parasites. In it, Rotavirus is the most common virus, often starting with multiple vomiting symptoms, which will then diarrhea. When diarrhea is vomiting decreases.

"Many diarrhoea, high-stool rate of discharge should be easy to lead to dehydration, electrical disturbances, alkaline disorders, life-threatening if not treated promptly. The disease can also be caused by a group of Gram-negative intestinal bacteria, particularly E. Coli, this bacterium is now resistant to most antibiotics that hospitals are using. E coli is still sensitive to some of the new generation antibiotics quite expensive, "said the daughter.

Acute diarrhea is one of the leading causes of death in children under 3 years of age.

In addition, acute diarrhea can be caused by food allergies, due to digestive disorders-absorption, due to other pathologies such as appendicitis, bowel cage.

The disease is initiated by manifestations such as:


- Boo spy

-Abdominal pain


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-Spend many times, maybe 1-2 first stool, next stool loose, yellow or moss green, have talks, blood and feces in stool.

Accompanying symptoms include: fever, high fever, early childhood, multiple harassment, thirst, dry lips, eyes and sunken, abdominal distension. If the child goes to liquefaction repeatedly accompanied by vomiting repeatedly easy to bring to severe dehydration, carpacing disorders, cauliflower, electrical disturbances, alkaline balance disorder, respiratory depression, vascular collapse, convulsions, coma and death without timely treatment.

How does diarrhea treatment look like?

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Hydration, electrical solution: For drinking children: for the solution of Oresol, children under 2 years old drink 50-100ml after each pepper, children aged 2 years or older take 100-200ml after each pepper.

Can drink ripe water for cold, soup porridge, fresh coconut water or fruit juice. During this period still give the child a normal feeding.

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If the child gives signs of dehydration or unproductive vomiting or diarrhea with high fever, green feces, talks or blood, hospitalization is required immediately to receive a doctor's examination, diagnosis and treatment, avoiding heavy water loss. , power disorders, alkalinity influences life.

Prevention of diarrhea for children

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Best breastfeeding, breastfeeding the child shortly after birth as soon as possible so that the child is breastfed with a lot of antibodies, the proper nutrition avoids malnutrition.

Vaccination diarrhea: There is currently a prevention of Rotavirus diarrhea – the most common virus and easy to cause severe dehydration in children. Vaccin is given to children from 2-6 months old, taking two times at least 1 month.

Eating food for children, eating cooked, drinking boiled, baby food must ensure fresh and adequate substances.

Specially hand hygiene before and after feeding the child and when taking care of the child hygiene.


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