10-year-old boy with kidney failure, doctor warns 3 extreme foods

Renal failure is a disease that causes partial or complete loss of kidney function. When it comes to this disease, many people will think of elderly patients. In fact, just to maintain a good living habit, kidney disease will appear at any time.

Ms. Bao, 36 years old in China never thought about it before, so the disease fell to her family. It is known that Ms. Ly divorced her husband and now lives with her only son, 10 years old. In order for your son to have a better life, Ms. Ly worked hard. But this indirectly caused the tragedy for the little boy.

In recent months, the sub-coated has the phenomenon of anorexia, urinating, and spirit of prolapse. But lately, Ms. The new know thanks to the phone from school. The teacher said that the subfainting was in the class and was brought to the hospital.

Urine coated sudden fainting must be hospitalized

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When she came to the hospital, she was informed by the Doctor of a gynecologist with acute renal failure, which needed urgent dialysis. She sat down to the ground and cried, not understanding why her son was 10 years old and ill.

"I have named my son with strong significance, hoping that it can grow up and become a healthy man defending the family. So now it's lying there and suffering from kidney failure, "she said in tears.

In order to find out the cause of the disease, the doctor has to learn the diet and the living of the sub-coated. Ms. Ly said that because too busy with work, there is no time to cook so she usually gives money to her son to eat out of the row.

The doctor asked the sub-coated usually to eat, he replied that he was a patrons of the eateries with items such as grilled meat, fried chicken, cold noodles.... The doctor breathes and says that eating these foods every day is the cause of the kidney of the early coated urine broken. Currently, 10-year-old boy has to dialysis and hemodialysis every day.

The boy regularly eats grilled meat, fried chicken, cold noodles,... The food is not good for health

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How dangerous is acute renal failure?

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Acute renal failure is a sudden impairment of renal function that eliminates waste from the body, cannot balance water and electrolyte. Often, the kidneys remove waste from the body by creating urine.

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As the kidneys weaken, the waste is increasingly stagnant and causes a serious effect on the process of excretion of the body. Acute renal failure can take place very quickly, only after a few hours or days. The disease can be fatal, therefore if suffering from acute renal failure, the patient should be treated and monitored closely.

Foods that are popular but harmful to kidney:

-Savoury food: Although salt is an indispensable spice in the process of cooking and IoT is also essential nutrient for the body, but doctors recommend that people should not eat too many savory dishes.

The result of many research works proved that excessive absorption of salts will increase the protein content in the urine. This is considered a danger signal for kidney function.

-Processed foods: in processed foods are a lot of preservatives. When this substance enters the body will accumulate, causing the ability to detoxise the liver and kidneys are overloaded and become disabled, directly affecting the functioning of the liver and kidneys.

-Red meat: Researchers have discovered a strong connection between eating red meat with the risk of end-stage kidney disease. They also discovered that the most red cannibal rose to 45% of the risk of kidney disease compared to the least eaten person. Meanwhile, there is no connection between eating poultry, fish, eggs, milk, soybeans, and kidney disease.


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