Don't want to spoil your kidneys away from these poisonous items

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Red meat

Eating foods with protein from animals such as red meat is very easy to cause kidney damage. The fact shows: if excessive intake of proteins will cause kidney problems, or it is possible that kidney disease becomes more severe. As protein metabolism will limit the process of excretion of residues, this causes no small effect on the kidneys. The process of exchanging proteins from animal flesh left significant amounts of acid in the body.


Sugar filled with fructose, excessive consumption of sugar promotes the formation of uric acid, which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. These diseases directly affect the kidney function as well as the health of the cardiovascular system.

Carbonated soft drinks

If you are gradually forming the habit of consuming at least two cans of soft drink per day, you will be at risk for proteinuria (protein content in excessive urine). In this case, the excretion of proteins in the urine increases, that is, the kidneys have been damaged.

Food coloring

Do you have a habit of adding color to the dishes to make them look more appealing? If so, stop using the habit now. Popular food colouring types are now easy to harm and slow down the development of the kidneys.

Alcoholic beverages

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For drinking alcohol: If you drink less then there is no problem worrying. However, if you drink too much alcohol or alcoholic beverages will cause more severe kidney disease.

According to the expertise, alcohol levels in the body are highly influenced by the function of the kidneys, and reduce the ability to filter waste from the bloodstream. In addition, alcohol as a body loses water, affecting the function of cells, organs in the body of which there is kidney.

Edible salt

The body needs a little salt to balance the appropriate water. But if in excess sodium the body will harm the kidneys. When you use too much food salt, the kidneys need to retain the amount of water to dilute the blood power, to ensure the function of the heart. This causes the kidneys to get hurt.

High salt intake also increases the amount of protein excreted in the urine, so it is easy to have kidney failure.

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Sauces are indispensable ingredient when preparing pasta, pizza and pho. However, they are filled with sodium, a substance that causes high blood pressure and also leads to the risk of kidney disease. So, replace the sauce with a variety of vegetables and spices to get more health benefits.

Fruit vegetables with high potassium content: potato, tomato, banana, butter

This fruit also contains a very high amount of potassium, so if more food will increase the burden to the kidneys. Therefore, if you have been diagnosed with kidney disease then it is best to avoid these fruits. In case your kidneys are healthy, you should not eat too much.

Visceral fauna

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In the organ of any animal, there is a high purine content. If eating more visceral animal, the kidneys will have difficulties in the disposal of all waste, proteins, purine... This can cause gout, kidney stones and in the long term will lead to renal failure.


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People with kidney disease need to reduce the consumption of milk and dairy products (including yogurt, cheese, butter...). These products often have many phosphorus which the content of phosphorus in the body can cause kidney failure, heart attack and bone-related diseases.


Caffeine is available in products such as coffee, tea, soda, and other foods that also affect the kidneys. As a stimulant, caffeine can cause the process of blood circulation to occur more rapidly, increasing blood pressure and deactivating the functioning of the kidneys.

Research proves: Long-term intake of caffeine causes kidney failure to become more severe, as well as increase the risk of diabetes. Use of Caféin, especially when hunger is also the causative agent of kidney stone disease.


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