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' Boss ' ' the ' Saigon ' in Quang Thai died after the ear: how long have the elderly infected with life?

Recently, son of Bui Quang Thai-Anh Bui Quang Ngoc Distressed reported his father died at 21h30 ′ on 17/6, aged 83.

Bui Quang Thai in the Saigon animated film

Referring to Bui Quang Thai, people remember most of the public figure in the popular movie Saigon. The role of Chung has helped to help the artistic career of the male artist step to the new site, although that time he turned to the age of 45.

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It is known that the artist Quang Thai unfortunately met the accident 3 years ago. Despite timely treatment but due to the age of high, the health situation is a weaker in 1 month back here, until the situation is not possible.

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Cerebrovascular accident in the elderly is such as the "Windswept Candle". This is a high fatal disease. If the good luck is also a lot of risk to suffer very heavy complications by the problem of age and health is not good.

How long are the elderly people suffering from cerebrovascular accidents live?

How l…