' Boss ' ' the ' Saigon ' in Quang Thai died after the ear: how long have the elderly infected with life?

Recently, son of Bui Quang Thai-Anh Bui Quang Ngoc Distressed reported his father died at 21h30 ′ on 17/6, aged 83.

Bui Quang Thai in the Saigon animated film

Referring to Bui Quang Thai, people remember most of the public figure in the popular movie Saigon. The role of Chung has helped to help the artistic career of the male artist step to the new site, although that time he turned to the age of 45.

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It is known that the artist Quang Thai unfortunately met the accident 3 years ago. Despite timely treatment but due to the age of high, the health situation is a weaker in 1 month back here, until the situation is not possible.

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Cerebrovascular accident in the elderly is such as the "Windswept Candle". This is a high fatal disease. If the good luck is also a lot of risk to suffer very heavy complications by the problem of age and health is not good.

How long are the elderly people suffering from cerebrovascular accidents live?

How long does it take for a person to live with a cerebrovascular accident in the elderly? Is the patient detected and given a timely emergency? Is the resilience and mental ability of the sick?

In case people with the ears have been detected early and emergency in time, it is possible to recover quickly and high, limiting many of the probate. The patient can completely return to normal and steady life after physiotherapy exercises rehabilitation, adding the abstinence of food foods harmful to the patient's health, there is a diet , reasonable mode of living. And they will live long, reducing the risk of a stroke back.

In other cases, it is necessary to consult a treating physician to be aware of whether the condition is severe or mild so that the patient can speculate on the ability to live and recover.

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In severe cases, despite being given up in time, then a person who is in the accident will only live a few months before death, often seen in elderly people who are too high or too weak in health.

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Caring for the elderly when suffering from cerebrovascular accidents

Past people who have just crossed the ears need a strict diet and are certain to abstain from the following:

– Do not smoke, drink alcohol and use other stimulants such as café.

– Limit the feeding of food, the processed dishes contain many fatty, oil, animal fats, foods rich in spicy hot spices. Abstinence of various animal protein items such as red meat and most are visceral animal.

– Limit the food, foods for many salt or ingredients containing many salts such as pickles, salted dishes, smoked meats....

– Abstain from food such as chicken, duck, poultry, fast food.

– Limit sweets, carbonated drinks.

– Avoid yourself being stressed, tired, stress


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