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Connect 12 nails to the apple and eat to replenish iron: expert in the idea of ' madness '

Iron Supplement by 12 nails close to apples

Recently, on social networks share each additional experience of iron supplements for every home. By plugging 12 iron rods into the apple, after the interval from 8-12 the apple tonic eats out. If eaten daily will not worry about iron deficiency.

According to a Facebook account titled T. T the iron deficiency is often dropped into vegetarians; Salty people who eat alcohol, tobacco, using food with chemicals... The upper group is often encountered with erythrocyte deficiency syndrome due to iron deficiency and vitamin B12.

To proactively replenish the Facebook T. T shared iron Way as follows: "Preparation of about 8-12 iron nails is large and small, (type 3 to 4 feces is medium); A fresh apple.

After that, rinse the nail, remove the nail types are so much rust. Unscrew the pot up to sterilize, then pierce the Apple.

Leave from 8-12 hours in a ventilated place. Then cut apples to eat, remember, do not cut off the apples that are black, because…

4 Exercises for relaxing eyes


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Workout 1: The pleasing hand therapy

This exercise helps you to improve the agility and the benefits of your eyes.

Put the thumb away from the nose about 15cm. While your eyes focus on the finger, take a deep breath and breathe slowly. Then you focus your eyes on an object far more than 3m and also take a deep breath and breathe out slowly. It is recommended that you repeat each operation approximately 15 times.

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Workout 3: Eye-Reversing therapy

Exercise 4: Water use therapy