Connect 12 nails to the apple and eat to replenish iron: expert in the idea of ' madness '

Iron Supplement by 12 nails close to apples

Recently, on social networks share each additional experience of iron supplements for every home. By plugging 12 iron rods into the apple, after the interval from 8-12 the apple tonic eats out. If eaten daily will not worry about iron deficiency.

According to a Facebook account titled T. T the iron deficiency is often dropped into vegetarians; Salty people who eat alcohol, tobacco, using food with chemicals... The upper group is often encountered with erythrocyte deficiency syndrome due to iron deficiency and vitamin B12.

To proactively replenish the Facebook T. T shared iron Way as follows: "Preparation of about 8-12 iron nails is large and small, (type 3 to 4 feces is medium); A fresh apple.

After that, rinse the nail, remove the nail types are so much rust. Unscrew the pot up to sterilize, then pierce the Apple.

Leave from 8-12 hours in a ventilated place. Then cut apples to eat, remember, do not cut off the apples that are black, because the nails leave ".

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Tips for using the screws to eat apples to replenish the iron on social networks.

Facebook T. T adds, due to the sour substance and organic acid types in apple interact on the iron stud and pulling iron molecules into the apple, so the apple after being crucified is rich in iron, and the body absorbs quite rapidly the amount of iron Dissolve.

If there is no apples, then close the Purple plum also. Do not close into the lemon, because of a excessive amount of acid, and lemons hardly dissolve iron than apples.

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This iron supplement many people think is "crazy" and inefficient.

Inorganic iron absorption in the lower body

. DR. Nguyen Thi Lam, deputy director of National Nutrition Institute for Hay, using the nail plugs in apples then eaten is also said to be one of the additional ways of iron for body. However, the effect of iron absorption in the absence of high.

The story of inorganic iron (iron nails) in food was not a new story, many years ago in Cambodia took the iron fish into cooking soup. The purpose of iron fish may be to stop iron and prevent anemia.

"I personally find that the addition of inorganic iron by plugging iron into apples is not necessary because the absorption is very low under 5%.

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To strengthen iron now there are many foods and preparations of high iron absorption. For example, beef can absorb 30% of the iron, and dark green vegetables rate iron absorption from 5-7%. Organic iron preparations The ability to absorb letters from 30-40% in the body ", PGS. DR Lam said.

According to TS. Words, Secretary General of the Vietnam Nutrition Society, plugged 12 nails to apples to replenish iron is not the idea of "madness". However, the reliability of this method is not high.

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This specialist explains more, that iron absorbed into the body used in red cell is not inorganic iron or iron.

"This way I'm understanding is trying to put iron in food. But the inorganic iron though plugged, soaked in food is also still inorganic iron.

Inorganic iron when entering the body absorption rate is very low, remaining iron organic in food, the likelihood of absorption is higher.

In addition, if eating apples with iron nails will not know the content of iron into the body is how much percentage of absorption is, "TS. Words spoken.

According to nutritionists a lot of high-absorption iron foods should not be taken by the method of "blind prison" does not know how effective will come.


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